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TRUMPF | TruLaser 7040

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

 2 x 3,6 kW


watch machine in production

The TRUMPF TruLaser 7040 is the most productive laser cutting machine in the world.

Increase your parts troughput by up tp 300%!

technical data

Manufacturer: TRUMPF

Type: TruLaser 7040

Serial No: A0320A0046

Year of construction: 2007


Working hours, ca: 


Laser 2

Beam on: 17.700 h

Resonator on: 53.400 h

Laser 1

Beam on: 25.700 h

Resonator on: 53.400 h

Control: SIEMENS 840 D


Travel/Working area(X,Y,Z): 2.500 x 4.000 x 100 mm

sheet metal size: bis 4.000 x 2.500 mm

Laser power: 2 x 3.600 Watt

Work piece weight max. 1600 kg


Max. sheet thickness:

Steel: 20 mm

Stainless steel: 15 mm

Aluminium: 10 mm


Axle parallel: 215 m/min

Simultaniesly: 304 m/min


smalles programmable travel: 0,001 mm

Position deviation Pa: +- 0,05 mm

Average posision spread Ps: +- 0,02 mm

Spece requirement:

Length including pallet changer: 15.800 mm

Width: 7.280 mm

Height: 3.090 mm


  • Machine up to 35° ambient temperature

  • Automatic sheet metal outer edge detection

  • NitroLine

  • ControlLine with automatic characteristic curve recording

  • Automatic nozzle cleaning

  • Progr. cutting gas selection/pressure setting

  • Progr. performance cycles

  • Microweld

  • PlasmaLine

  • SprintLine

  • ContourLine

  • Position laser diode on cutting head 1

  • FlyLine

  • Laser power and frequency control

  • FocusLine

  • LensLine

  • Logbook function Laser

  • Multi-chamber extraction

  • Longitudinal conveyor belt with slag container

  • Cross conveyor belt

  • Automatic switch-off

  • Safety device

  • Workshop programming

  • Network connection

  • USB

  • 2x laser TruFlow 3600 with 3,600 watt output each


  • Special features

  • 2x PierceLine

  • Cutting with compressed air

  • Oil spraying devixe

  • Handheld control unit

  • MDE integrated machine data acqusition

  • Workspace litghting


  • Auotmation

  • Ready for LiftMaster

  • Automatic palett changer with 2 paletts

  • Automatic sheet metal outer edge detection


  • Cutting heads:

  •  2 x 3,75“ – cutting heads for high speed cutting

  •  2 x 5“- cutting heads

  •  2 x 7,5“ - cutting heads

  • cutting head quick change unit


Double is better - even up to three times

The idea behind this laser machine is as simple as it is ingenious: high productivity through linear drive technology, coupled with two CO2 lasers and two laser cutting heads.

In combination with high acceleration and axis speed, the two lasers achieve astonishing results: up to three times higher part throughput compared to single-head machines, and lower part costs at the same time.

Halving part costs

Especially in the thin sheet metal area, the TruLaser 7040 can reduce the cost per part by more than half. The machine is highly productive for all sheet thicknesses and increases flexibility even with frequently changing materials and shapes.

Unmatched precision

High-resolution, direct measuring systems in all axes as well as the precise laser control ensure best accuracy. Therefore, this machine is perfectly suited for cutting filigree parts, such as electrical sheets.


Increase supply with demand

With the TruLaser 7040 you process parts synchronously with two cutting heads. Frequently changing material types and thicknesses do not worry you, but increase your order volume. You simply produce medium and large series more productively. Even small batches are less expensive from the second part. High unit costs are a thing of the past. Even flat blanks for smaller series can be produced profitably on TruLaser 7040 Series machines and delivered at short notice


Smooth production

The TRUMPF TruLaser 7040 laser is extraordinarily fast because it is driven linearly. The carriage moves along the X and Y axes with almost no frictional forces on permanent magnets.


A multifunctional tool

It can be used flexibly in the thin and thick sheet metal sector, regardless of whether simple or complex geometries are being cut - you work faster and more cost-effectively.


Single and double production

The two cutting heads arranged on the X-axis are each supplied by their own TruLaser laser, so you can rely on constant cutting quality throughout the entire work area when operating in parallel. If you only want to use one cutting head - no problem: just switch on one.

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